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Open Account

Terms & Conditions – Individu


  • Minimum Initial Deposit of Rp 10.000.000,- (Ten Million Rupiah)
  • Buying Commission 0,25%
  • Selling Commission 0,35%
  • Trading Limit or Buying Power is 2x cash balance plus  1x value of stock portofolio after haircut.
  • Stock Delivery cost to or from other securities companiesis Rp. 25.000,- (twenty five thousand Rupiah) per stockcode.
  • Funds Withdrawals cost (RTGS/Transfer) is customers’ responsibility.
  • Buying customer is obliged to settle his payment on securities purchased plus commission and other stock exchange charges on T+2, latest on T+3 morning.
  • In casecustomer has not settled payment on T+3(Transaction day +3 days),  starting on T+4 Minna Padi will apply suspend buy and on T+5, the Company has the right to sell the customer’s stocks to cover for purchase transaction (Forced Sell), and in case the funds are inadequate, the customer is obliged to pay off the remaining balance upon collection fromMinna Padi.
  • Selling Customer will receive payment on securities sold after deduction of commission and other charges on T+3 in Customer’s Fund Account.
  • Penalty on late payment is applied on T+4 as much as 0,1% per Calendar Day.
  • The instruction to withdraw fund and/orto deliver stockcan be carried outone day after complete instruction is received by the Company.  (one day = one exchange working day)
  • Customer Trade Confirmation & Monthly Statement of Account will be sent to customer by email unlessinstructed differently in written.

Margin Account

  • The Customer is required to have Regular Account for at least 3(three) months before Margin Account can be opened.
  • Minimum Initial collateral deposit of Rp. 200,000,000,- (two hundred million rupiah)
  • Securities eligible for Margin Trading as announced in the list of Marginable Securities issued by the Indonesia Stock Exchange.
  • In case the collateral securities are excluded from the List of Marginable Securities, those securities will be excluded and transferred to Regular Acccount. 
  • Buying Commission 0,25 %.
  • Selling Commission 0,35 %.
  • Trading Limit or Buying Power for Margin Transaction is 2x Cash Balance plus 1x Portfolio Value after haircut.
  • Maximum funding granted by the Company is 65% of Collateral Value.
  • The Collateral Value may decrease, used up, or even negative due to the volatility of securities price. In case the Collateral Value decreases which makes Funding Amount larger than 65% , the Company will make a Margin Call to Customer.
  • Customer is obliged to fulfill Margin Call by adding cash collateral and or Marginable Securities in no later than 3 (three) Stock Exchange days.
  • In case within 3 (three) Stock Exchange days Customer do not fulfill the Margin Call, on the Fourth Stock Exchange Day the Company is obliged to sell Customer’s securities without notification or explanation, in order to position the Funding amount to be  at maximum of 65% of Collateral Value.
  • In case Collateral Value is drastically decreased which makes Funding Amount reach 80% of Collateral Value, Company is obliged to conduct Forced Sell on Customer’s securities to position the Funding Amount to be at maximum of 65% of Collateral Value.
  • In case of Forced Sell, Customer do not have the right to select which securities to be sold to fulfill its obligation in Margin Account. 

Additional Documents required:

  • Fotocopy of Identity Card (KTP or Passport, NPWP, KK)
  • Fotocopy of spouse’s Identity Card (KTP or Passport, NPWP, KK)
  • Fotocopy Married Sertificate
  • Letter of Approval sign by Spouse or Prenuptial Agreement or other approval form.
  • Fotocopy of Customer’s bank account

Minna Padi any time has right to amand and/or to add terms and condition for all account registered in Minna Padi (if necessary). 

Form Pembukaan Rekening Efek Form Pembukaan Rekening Dana


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