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Master Online Application

Security statement online trading

Investment Risk
Investment in stocks, as other types of investment activities, has risk of capital loss and potentials of profit.  Potentials of profit could be in the form of capital gain (positive difference between buying and selling price) and dividend (earnings distributed to its shareholders). On the other hand, Customer may suffer capital loss (negative difference between buying and selling price) due to stock price fluctuation. Customers may also face the risk of liquidation when the issuer company which stock Customer invests in has gone bankrupt and stopped its operation.

Both potentials of profit or risks of loss cannot be predicted accurately due to the uncertainty of the future. However, various ways can be taken to lower or limit the risks, such as diversification of portfolio and do profound stock analysis.
Statement of Security and Confidentiality for Master Online System
The Security and Confidentiality Statement is applied for Master Online System operated by PT Minna Padi Investama Sekuritas Tbk (Minna Padi) and used by Online Customers.

Minna Padi feels obliged to protect the privacy, confidentiality and security of information obtained from Customer, both offline and online. Security and Confidentiality Statement explains how Customer private information is treated when Customer access and interact with Master Online.

On top of the Statement of Security and Confidentiality, there are other specific regulations related to  Master Online System. Customers are expected to learn those regulations acessible at www.minnapadi.com.  In case there are differences between the regulations stipulated at the Statement of Security and Confidentiality and the additional specific regulations, the latter is prioritized.
Safety of Information
The entire Customer information sent from and to Minna Padi are well safeguarded and encrypted.

Customers are expected to keep and protect User ID and Master Online Password safely and confidentially. Minna Padi never ask for any Customer’s Password – Only Customer himself knows this information. Customers are expected not to share the information on User ID and password to anyone.

Minna Padi suggests that Customers do not keep User ID and Password in writing.  However, if Customer decides to keep them in writing, please ensure the safety and confidentiality thereof. Therefore it is suggested that Customers cafefuly choose unique User ID and Password and avoid easily identified password such as part of Customer’s name, address, telephone number, or birth date.

Customers must inform Minna Padi immediately when they suspect that their User ID and/or Password is known, lost, stolen or unauthorized transaction have taken place using their User ID and/or Password.

Online Transaction Process

Minna Padi Trading System receives orders executed by Customers through Master Online at encrypted condition which then is processed and when eligible will be executed in Indonesia Stock Exchange Trading System.

Minna Padi is not responsible of all legal charges on mistakes taken place in data input done by Customers, which is known as GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out).  Minna Padi in this regards acts as the intermediary which merely process the eligibility of transactions including the availability of Customers’ funds and securities prior to forward order input by Customers to Indonesia Stock Exchange
Trading System.

Problem Handling Policy

In case Master Online is not able to execute its normal function, Minna Padi is still able to serve Customers through Minna Padi helpdesk.  Customers may instruct trading execution via telephone number (021) 525-6666.
Minna Padi will immediately inform Customers through email and its website on all matters related to Online Trading System.
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